History of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Medical University named after OO Bohomolets

Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Medical University named after Academician OO Bogomolets was founded in 1923.

Its first head was a progressive scientist and organizer Serhiy Lukyanovych Timofeev. Initially, the name of the department was "Operative Orthopedics and Traumatology". The establishment of the department was due to the urgent needs of medicine, because at that time there were many children with disabilities, due to congenital and acquired malformations and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Prof. Timofeev SL, understanding the importance of this not only medical but also state social problem, proved the need to include in the curriculum of young doctors methods of conservative and operative orthopedics, adult injuries in lesions of the musculoskeletal system. He wrote: "A huge number of curves, temples, humpbacks, etc., deprived of disfigurement and deformation, now walk the earth almost without any help, because the latter undoubtedly requires deep knowledge and extensive technique in plastic surgery. " He turned the department into a military hospital, where students and young doctors could gain the necessary practical skills, and a Tsendor office, which had all the conditions, at the time, to master the methods of rehabilitation of injuries, joint surgery, muscle and tendon injuries.

The first employees of the department were enthusiastic doctors: Novitsky ST, Sheftel A.Ya., Konchin MK They not only carried out extensive pedagogical and medical work, but were engaged in creative scientific work, developing problems in traumatology and orthopedics. In addition, they created methodical and educational manuals, textbooks.

In 1927 Prof. Timofeev SL publishes a textbook-monograph "Fundamentals of Surgery and Traumatology", which for many years was the main guide in teaching students. Novitsky ST publishes educational and practical manuals on desmurgia, gypsum technique. Thus, the staff of the department headed by Prof. Timofeev SL provided students with modern manuals and a textbook on orthopedics and traumatology, respectively.

In addition, they publish scientific articles, reports. During the period from 1923 to 1932, the staff of the department published about 40 scientific papers covering organizational issues, improvements and new developments in the treatment of orthopedic and trauma patients, traumatic shock, bone grafting, reconstructive orthopedic surgery.

In 1936 Novitsky ST defends his dissertation for the degree of doctor of medical sciences on the topic: "Fractures of the femoral neck in adults" and publishes a monograph on this topic, which has not lost relevance today. In 1945, Prof. Novitsky ST elected head of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, which he creatively managed until 1957. For many years he worked as dean of the medical faculty.

Sheftel A.Ya. in 1944 he defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and was elected head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

In 1932, the People's Commissar of Health of Ukraine invited to the Kyiv Medical Institute and approved as a head of the department a prominent scientist and talented surgeon-clinician, a student of Professor Spasokukotsky SI and Razumovsky VI Professor Oleksandr Hryhorovych Yeletsky.

The base of the department is a 100-bed clinic at the All-Ukrainian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. The program of teaching orthopedics and traumatology is expanding and students have the opportunity to observe a variety of orthopedic and trauma patients. Practical skills are acquired in the clinic and trauma center. It was the first scientific and pedagogical center in Ukraine, which gave the opportunity to comprehensively study traumatology and orthopedics, and the teaching staff of the department to conduct research in laboratories, vivarium, rehabilitation department, biomechanical laboratory.
The department under the leadership of Prof. Eletsky OG becomes a pedagogical school, a creative scientific unit of the institute. Talented scientists-clinicians worked as assistants of the department: Klimov KM, who later became the first Laureate of the Stalin Prize in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Deputy Director and Director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics; Zakharzhevsky VP - one of the leading clinical theorists, a member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine; Alekseenko IP (later he became the director of the Kyiv Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, rector of the Medical Institute, worked as a health adviser in Romania, China); associate professors of the department were: Apasova AI, Montblanov VV, Novik MS
Yeletsky O. G., Alekseenko I. P., Zakharzhevsky V. P.
Extensive work at the department to improve the educational and pedagogical process and medical work was carried out by highly experienced associates with extensive clinical experience MS Novik, Montblanov VV, Apasova AI

Max Solomonovich Novik underwent clinical training at the Kyiv Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and at the beginning of the war joined the army, where he worked in hospitals, providing highly qualified assistance to wounded soldiers and officers. After demobilization he returned to Kyiv and was enrolled in the competition as an assistant of the department, and after defending his dissertation he was elected associate professor of the department. Max Solomonovich went through the school of war, devoted his research to the study of trauma and surgical treatment of fractures. One of the urgent problems was the treatment of femoral neck fractures and Max Solomonovich was one of the first in Ukraine to introduce the method of closed osteosynthesis of femoral neck fractures according to Beler, which he learned when he was in Austria at his clinic. Scientific research has been devoted to birth injuries, fractures of the spine, upper extremity, injuries.

Novik MS was an experienced teacher, mentor. His practical classes were a school for young assistants and graduate students.
After the war, a military surgeon, lieutenant colonel of the medical service Volodymyr Viktorovych Monblanov, who passed on his experience in military field surgery and traumatology to students, clinical residents, graduate students, and young doctors, was enrolled in the department as an assistant. Vladimir Viktorovich was a modest man, a brilliant surgeon, a favorite teacher. After defending his dissertation he was elected associate professor of the department. He studied the healing of fractures, the treatment of gunshot wounds.

His experimental studies on reparative regeneration in slow fusion and flawed joints showed the failure of the then accepted method of widespread resections within the unaltered bone tissue, which led to significant shortening of the limbs. Based on experimental studies, he proved the feasibility of opening the bone marrow canal, conducting stable osteosynthesis, which provides the process of reparative regeneration. VV Montblanov's works on treatment of gunshot wounds of extremities and their rehabilitation have found great practical value.

Vladimir Viktorovich enjoyed great authority as a scientist, clinician, mentor, teacher. He was really loved by students, young doctors, assistants and deeply respected by colleagues.

In the postwar years she was enrolled in the competition for the position of associate professor of the department Antonina Ivanovna Apasova. Having passed the famous Sverdlovsk school of orthopedists-traumatologists, Antonina Ivanovna was a comprehensively certified person, a highly professional specialist, an excellent teacher and mentor of young people.

Scientific research of Prof. Eletsky OG and his staff were devoted to the development and improvement of methods for the treatment of fractures, false joints, the problem of reparative bone regeneration. Prof. Yeletsky OG studies the anatomical variations of the lumbosacral spine and their role in the occurrence of pain, improves methods of treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine, he is one of the pioneers in the development of arthroplasty in the joints of the former Soviet Union. A classic study was its development of innervation of the knee joint. In 1936 he published a monograph "Diseases and injuries of the spine", and in 1937 his student Klimov Konstantin Mikhailovich developed an original method of treatment of dislocations of the acromial end of the clavicle and defended his dissertation. In 1938 Zakharzhevsky VP develops a new method of osteosynthesis - flat-perforated "bolts" for diaphyseal fractures. Alekseenko IP substantiated the importance of biomechanical factors in the treatment of fractures of the femoral neck and received the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. During the nine pre-war years, the department defended three dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, published one monograph, published 34 scientific papers. Creative work was interrupted by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941).

Employees of the department go to the front, and the institute is evacuated to Chelyabinsk. Prof. Yeletsky OG from the first days he volunteered for the army, worked in various hospitals as a consultant, passed his knowledge and experience to young doctors, published 6 scientific papers on tactics and methods of treatment of gunshot fractures, wounds, their consequences. Alekseenko IP, Montblanov VV, Novik MS went to the front. Employees of the department in evacuation are engaged in training military doctors and treatment of wounded soldiers and officers. Given the profile of the department, it is renamed the Department of Military Surgery.

After the liberation of Kyiv in 1944, the institute returned to his hometown and Prof. Oletsky OG recall to work at the institute, and the department is called the Department of Hospital Surgery № 2. At this time, the department employed Assoc. Prof. Apasov AI, Assoc. Prof. Alekseenko IP, who also worked part-time as Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, assistants Leonchuk GS, Vorobyov MO, Marynich AS, Feldman A.Ya., Novik MSIn the difficult postwar years, the staff of the department carried out extensive organizational work to provide conditions for educational, medical, consultative processes. The city was almost completely destroyed. It was necessary to restore the clinical base, the dormitory for students and all this was done by the faculty and students. The institute was restored. The painstaking daily work began. In 1952, the department returned its original profile name - the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Under the leadership of Prof. Eletsky OG employees of the department and researchers of the first clinic of the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (base of the department) conducted a great creative, pedagogical work to improve teaching methods, equipping the department with the necessary subjects for teaching.

Employees of the department take an active part in the scientific development of injury prevention, treatment of war invalids, joint diseases; they made a significant contribution to the development of reconstructive and restorative operations for lesions of the apparatus of support and movement.

Careful work is being done to educate young doctors, train specialists in traumatology and orthopedics through clinical residency and graduate school.

Under the leadership of Prof. Yeletsky OG defended PhD theses: in 1950 - Leonchuk GS, Montblanov VV; in 1953 - Novikov GV, Merman AA, Prilipko TI; in 1954 - Ozerov AH; in 1955 - Marinich AS Talko IG; in 1956 - Knysh IT According to the competition, IV Shumada is elected an assistant of the department. Candidate's dissertations are defended by OI Palatny. - in 1961, Vlasenko VE - in 1967, Ostapchuk AV - in 1969, Kryzhanivsky VI, Kozynets PI, Voloshin OI - in 1968; doctoral Vorobyov MO - in 1961, Ozerov A.Kh. - in 1963, Novikov MV - in 1969, Knish IG - in 1966. Thus, under the leadership of Yeletsky OG 4 doctoral and 19 candidate dissertations were defended.

Prof. Yeletsky OG made a significant creative contribution to the organization and improvement of teaching at the department to qualitatively improve the knowledge and practical skills of students in orthopedics and traumatology, in the training of highly qualified professionals and teachers for higher education. The scientific school created by him gave famous orthopedists-traumatologists, who worthily continued his creative ideas: Novikov MV, Ozerov AH, Shumada IV, Talko IG, Voloshin OI, Knysh I. T. etc. Yeletsky OG improved methods of treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine, developed rational access to joints, improved restorative operations on the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow joints. He was a pioneer in the development of arthroplastic surgery on large joints, proposed a method of treating spastic paresis in spinal cord injuries. Based on the study of bone regeneration, he proved the ability of hypertrophied ends of false joints to regenerate and thus refuted the existing claim that they are incapable of regeneration. Prof. Yeletsky OG improved methods of surgical treatment of obsolete shoulder dislocations, congenital subluxations and hip dislocations in adults, he investigated and described the innervation of the knee joint and methods of stimulating bone regeneration. In 1966, at the age of 76, Prof. Oletsky OG retires, having worked as the head of the department for 34 years, and his talented student, Professor Ozerov Anton Hrysanfovych, is elected to this position by competition.

Prof. Ozerov A. H. continues the traditions of his teacher, deepens scientific and pedagogical work. In connection with the retraining of the research institute in the Kyiv Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics to ensure quality teaching of traumatology Prof. Ozerov AH expands the base of the department at the expense of the traumatology department (80) of the beds of 25 clinical hospitals of Kyiv.

At the traumatology base of the department students had the opportunity to supervise trauma patients, work at the trauma center, ie to obtain the necessary practical skills in emergency traumatology. Prof. Ozerov AH in addition to improving the teaching of traumatology and orthopedics conducts extensive research and training of scientific and practical personnel.
Prof. Ozerov AH substantiates the role of meniscus injuries in the pathogenesis of deforming osteoarthritis of the knee, develops indications for surgical treatment, studies theoretical and clinical problems of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the hip and knee joints and pathogenetically justifies treatment methods. He developed an original model of deforming osteoarthritis, which made it possible to conduct experimental studies, identify the most effective pathogenetic techniques and offer them in clinical practice.

Anton Hrysanfovych conducts significant medical and consulting work, works a lot with young professionals, prepares teachers for higher education. Under his supervision 15 candidate and 7 doctoral dissertations were defended.

Candidate's dissertations were defended by: in 1967 - Rublenyk IM, Korobkina TV, Yatskevich AE, Gaiko GV; in 1969 - Rudy IP; in 1971 - Tvardovskaya SP; in 1973 - Gaidak IG etc.

Doctoral dissertations were successfully defended: in 1963 - Ozerov AH; in 1967 - Panchenko MK, in 1969 - Ostapchuk AM; in 1970 - Shumada IV; in 1972 - Kovalishin VM, Voloshin OI, in 1974 - Shcherban OM, in 1978 - Kryzhanivsky Ya.Y.
Professor A. H. Ozerov and staff of the department
Prof. Ozerov AH was a well-known specialist, creative clinician-surgeon, caring mentor of young doctors. A serious illness did not allow Anton Hrysanfovych to complete his creative plans, because in 1976 he died suddenly. The department was headed by Prof. Ozerov A.Kh. for 10 years. Employees of the department worked: Knysh IG, Shumada IV, Leonchuk GS, Kryzhanivsky YY, Voloshin OI, Drobotun VY, Zalozny YP, Kravchuk VI ., Rudy IP In 1977, after the transition of Assoc. Prof. Knysha IT to the Institute of Oncology as the head of the department, and Assoc. Prof. Shumada IV became the director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Kryzhanivsky Ya.Y. was elected associate professor. and Drobotun V.Ya.
In March 1977 he was invited and by competition was elected head of the department Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Prof. Sklyarenko Eugene Timofeevich - a student of the Laureate of the Stalin Prize Klimov KM, professors Yeletsky AK and Frumina AE, who continues the traditions of the department, his teachers.

The program of teaching traumatology and orthopedics is expanding, the technique of active carrying out of practical employment directed on development is developed

clinical thinking and mastering practical skills. As the scientific supervisor of the student scientific society of the University named after Prof. Kisel, Prof. Sklyarenko ET and at the department intensifies the work of the student scientific circle, in the work of which all teachers of the department actively work. The scientific orientation of the department is devoted to the problems of treatment of fractures and joint diseases.

The staff of the department continues to train highly qualified specialists for practical activities and higher educational institutions. For the first time in the history of the department, foreign graduates of the university began to undergo training through clinical residency and postgraduate studies. Under the leadership of prof. Sklyarenko ET M. Haddadin (1982, Jordan), P. Karidas (1983, Cyprus), G. Haysan (1989, Syria), O. Herrero (1990, Colombia), M. Karim (1990, Syria), A. .Juni (1992, Syria). In addition, the candidate's dissertation was defended by 21 domestic specialists and the doctoral dissertation - 5 (Martynenko G.Ya., Drobotun V.Ya., Pashkov EP, Sukhovoy MV, Gerasimenko SI).

Prof. Sklyarenko ET - a pioneer in the development of the scientific direction of rheumatoid orthopedics. In 1974 he was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for scientific research on this problem. He developed and substantiated tactics and methods of treatment of patients with hemophilia, Bechterew's disease, psoriatic arthritis. He paid much attention to the problem of treatment of patients with degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the joints, developed their classification, in addition, developed a classification of diseases of the joints. Prof. Sklyarenko ET the technique of immersion transplantation of articular ends is developed and for the first time the technique of decalcification of articular ends and their transplantation is developed. In 1996 he received the State Prize of Ukraine for the second time for the development of reconstructive and reconstructive operations on the joints.

In 1984, Prof. Sklyarenko ET was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine. He made a significant contribution to traumatology: he developed differentiated indications for the treatment of femoral neck fractures with Prof. Voloshin OI, transvertebral fractures and false joints of the femoral neck with assist. Fedyura OO, revealed one of the mechanisms of pathogenesis of habitual posterior shoulder dislocations and substantiated the differential tactics of treatment of habitual shoulder dislocations, developed a method of one-time total synovectomy of the knee joint, treatment of Dupuytren's contractures with senior researcher Perfilo. and substantiated the defibrosing property of furazolidone; developed a gentle closed method of osteosynthesis of oblique diaphyseal fractures and tibial syndesmosis with Prof. Voloshin OI, developed with Prof. Brusko AT, Doctor of Medical Sciences Pashkov EP biological synovial fluid, indications for cryosurgery in orthopedics and traumatology. Techniques for nerve treatment during amputations and Achilles tendon plastics for obsolete ruptures have been developed.

Prof. Sklyarenko ET author of 19 inventions, 5 monographs and one textbook. Since March 1997 he has been working as a professor of the department.

Since 1997, the department was headed by a student of Academician Korzha OO and professors Sklyarenko ET and Prodana OI , Prof. Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Buryanov.

Scientific and practical developments of the department are devoted to further development and improvement of treatments in the field of topical problems of traumatology and orthopedics - metal osteosynthesis, reconstructive and plastic surgery, degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the musculoskeletal system and spine, restorative treatment of inflammatory diseases and joints.

A lot of work is done by the staff of the department in the field of practical health care.

The department works on 4 clinical bases, where educational and research work is carried out (SI "Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", road clinical hospital № 1 of the South-Western Railway of Ukraine, clinical hospital №9 Kyiv), consulting and treatment activities , new methods of operative and conservative treatment of patients are introduced. Employees of the department regularly hold scientific and practical conferences to improve the professional skills of practitioners of clinical bases.

Today the department has a close-knit team of scientists and teachers, including twice Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Professor ET Sklyarenko, 4 doctors and 6 candidates of medical sciences.

The current department is determined by the continuation of scientific research and expansion of the program of teaching traumatology and orthopedics, development and implementation of new methods of treatment, active practical training aimed at developing clinical thinking and mastering practical skills by students and young professionals.
Prof. Buryanov O. A., Prof. Sklyarenko E. T., Assoc. Prof. Zadnichenko M. O. on a clinical tour with students
The staff of the department continues to be widely engaged in the training of highly qualified specialists for practical activities through internships. About 10 interns annually receive a diploma of a specialist in "traumatology and orthopedics" at the department.

The department trains highly qualified personnel for the Higher School: teachers, associate professors, professors, heads of profile departments take advanced training courses every year.

Highly qualified personnel for practical health care and higher education are trained through clinical residency and postgraduate studies not only of Ukrainian citizens, but also of foreign citizens. Thus, 6 citizens of the Middle East and South America received diplomas of candidates of medical sciences

Constant effective, dynamic connection of the department with the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, which is the only scientific school, allows to significantly expand the range of knowledge, modern achievements, increase the ability to master new research and treatment methods and improve training of orthopedic traumatologists.
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